Meet the Author: A. L. Davis

Many, the Story, is A. L. Davis’s debut fiction novel. It showcases edgy characters and reveals the author’s secret metaphysical meanderings. The story stems from an anthology of dreams, mystical teachings, channelings, past-life regressions and personal experiences. Many, the Story pulls you on adventures where parallel realities depend on one another and an ever-present forgotten utopian world is under siege.

Author, A. L. Davis, once shy and introverted, embodied a vivid imagination as a child. She scoured dense forests and delighted in cloud gazing in rural Maryland. Ritualistic diary entries regularly evolved into poems and short stories. Coaxed by her only friend, A. L. Davis entered the elementary school talent show; her reward: first prize for reciting a pirate poem dressed in character. Her first short film, The Playboy, as writer, director and actor, earned Honorable Mention at the middle school film festival. Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, the Big Apple’s creative pulse tugged at A. L. Davis’s artistic soul. She adapted to city life and mayhem, as her culinary talents received standing ovations and reviews in the New Yorker. She extended her creative spirit into the world of acting and as a screenplay writer. Now, she unveils Many, the Story, which is at the crux of it all.

A. L. Davis is a founding member of Scottsdale Society for Women Writers and is President of North Scottsdale Critique Group.

Additional Books in the Works:

  • Many, the Journey-Part II
  • Many, the Beginning-Part III
  • Many, the Journal
  • Many, Pocketbook Poetry
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