I marvel at Earth’s beauty.

High above the Valley I sit on a knobby rock atop Sunrise Peak, wind rushes past my face. Early morning shadows accentuate neighboring mauve mountain ranges. The sound of ocean wave’s crash against a rocky shoreline. Ocean mist dangles at the mountain’s base. Alas, it is no more than a thick polluted haze for I sit high above the Sonoran Desert. There is no water to be found. The scent of early morning sage mixed with desert dust produces a continuous drip, drip, drip of snot I wipe on my compliant sleeve.


Man-made sounds rumble over boulders and desert flora, pecking at Mother Nature’s serenity. Solitude is replaced by the relentless beep, beep, beep from a dump truck thousands of feet below and the rat-a-tat-tat of a backhoe defacing the desert floor. My attention is drawn to the broad flat valley, speckled with rooftops. It resembles a bad case of the measles. Bumper to bumper cars scurry along Shea Boulevard akin to tiny ants methodically searching for food.