“Is the human experience an experiment
gone wrong or a divine plan for the
evolution of the human spirit?”
– Asks Andie, Seeker of Truth

Many, the Story Part I

Science Fiction Fantasy

Many, the Story by A. L. Davis

A Search for Truth

Andie, a trending New York actor's cosmopolitan
life is upended. Setting the stage for worldly
adventures and intrigue.

Her discoveries unlock a parallel universe as she travels between MuSo and Earth, daring to live as MuSo’s warrior princess…MuSo, Earth’s utopian counterpart, calls upon Andie in the eleventh hour to save both worlds.

Meet Andie Wakefield

Character Spotlight

23 and invincible.
Men, camping and cooking.
Opening night, backstage invitations, ocean breeze under a full moon, a man who makes me beg for more and then does it again and again.
‘Looking for love in all the wrong places.’ Cast me for my talent or don’t bother. I succeed. I win. I succeed. I win. Don’t fuck with me.
Not good enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough, not deserving. Loyal to a fault.
Fast learner. Mama always said my smart mind would take me places, but my heart would direct my actions.

Fearless. Daddy saved me from daring stunts like the time I walked off of the back porch two-stories high. I knew I could fly and didn’t.

Wonderment. I baffled my brothers. “Did you really think you could fly?”


Human’s presence on earth as a Universal experiment gone wrong, drastically wrong.

Or so I think. I wonder what role I play in this Shakespearean tragedy. Other times, I know there is a God, a loving God, with a master plan for us all. And that each of us, including me, has a divine role to play in this master plan.

Which dynamic is the truth? Is the human experience an experiment gone wrong or a divine strategy supporting man’s evolution?

I didn’t always think like this. Probably because I was unconscious to Universe Law, unconscious to the Truth and unconscious to whom I really am. Many life experiences provoked these questions and eventually shaped conclusions. While not a formal scientist, I observe, examine and methodically record my experiences. But when you live the experience, do you really need a scientist to tell you if it’s real or not?

No, you simply know the Truth.

Today, I sit on a knobby piece of granite at the summit of Sunrise Peak overlooking steel-blue mountain ranges rippling from north to south. I thank God for the opportunity to coexist with all life forms and be a part of this experiment. After all, we live on the most magnificent planet in the Universe, Earth.

But enough of my expose on Earth’s dichotomy. Here’s my tale, fact for fact, story after story layered one upon the other. It’s for you to decide if it’s truth or fiction.

Artwork that Inspired Many, the Story

I am a Warrior
Equipped, armored, full of Love
Surrounded with Light
Ready for my Mission
Facing the Sapphire Sun
…and I turn…

When our destiny sounds
Hear the call
For to ignore
Or hesitate
Will destroy us all